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The ideal service for sugar flowers and cold porcelain flowers. Servicing weddings, celebration cakes and home decor.
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Teachings by Anna!

Join A Class Today!

Anna teaches in both mediums. For beginners she finds that students do better learning with cold porcelain as it is less fragile and less frustrating. However, in any class the student may chose the medium they prefer.

One on one sessions are also encouraged! Arrangements may be made to suit both parties as to time and dates. Classes are 2 days so that students may go home with a nice arrangement, however, if a 1 day class is requested that also may be arranged.

All equipment and pastes necessary for the class are provided for the class and included in the price. A small lunch is provided, but students may bring their own if they wish.

  • Telephone number and location provided
  • $50 deposit for the class session required
  • Check or Pay Pal

*If a cancellation is necessary, it would be helpful if an advance notice was given and the deposit will be returned.*

Classes will start in April and will be posted.

1 Day Class


2 Day Class


1-on-1 Class


including fee for 1 or 2 days

Design like a pro!

Did You Love Your Session?

Students who find they really want to continue with flower making will be given a number of places that they may purchase their own equipment. These places are the ones that Anna uses and finds reliable and pleasant to work with. Some of them are overseas, but Anna has never had any trouble with shipping etc. over 15 years.


Travel Teachings

Anna will come to a location to teach in which case 12 or 14 maximum students can be taught!



England, Israel, Corpus Christi, Texas at Del Mar College, New Zealand, to name a few.

*Prices will be quoted if Anna has to travel to a location, either overseas or in the US.*